Motul Oil Motocool Factory Line 1 liter

Motul Oil Motocool Factory Line 1 liter


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Motul Motocool Factory Line 1 liter.

– Ready to use race coolant
– Anti-corrosion and anti-freeze
– Protection to as low as minus 35C
– Nitrite-free / Amine-free / Phosphate-free / Borate-free / Silicate-free
– Motul Motocool factory line is a racing cooling liquid, ready to use, based on monoethyleneglycol, using organic anti-corrosion additives to provide – outstanding protection for aluminium / magnesium alloys used by bike manufacturers on current engines design
– Specific anti-corrosion agents provides the best protection efficiency on aluminium / magnesium alloys according to a dynamic corrosion test performed on a bike radiator, Motocool Factory Line decreases the corrosion rate by 33% compared to a common organic coolant
– Provides an excellent thermal exchange increasing cooling efficiency and deterring boiling
– This organic technology provides anti-corrosion properties that remain consistent even at high temperatures
– Corrosion inhibitors allow extended drain intervals while increasing water pump protection and reducing cavitation
– Seal and plastic part friendly
– Ready to use, do not add any water
– Drain intervals: refer to the manufacturers’ recommendation
– Do not mix with non-organic products

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